This educational programme has the objective of increasing the awareness of the state police about the Romani minority in the Czech Republic, prevention of pathological phenomena in society (extremism, xenophobia, and racism) and human-rights issues. The project combines the historical theme of the persecuted Romani minority during the Second World War with the theme of violation of this minority’s human rights. The project is focused on police officers who, as members of the majority society, are exposed to the general prejudices against Roma and, at the same time, expects from them that they will be able to peacefully resolve potential problems. A secondary objective of the project is to increase sensitivity toward the suffering of victims of racial, nationalistic and political persecution among employees of the Czech republic.

Educational seminar: “People?! Educational programme for the Police of the Czech Republic about various forms of discrimination against Roma and Sinti” is focused on the co-existence of the majority society with Roma and observance of human rights in the Czech Republic. The seminar is divided into two separate blocks.

The first block of the seminar involves an introduction to Romani history from the perspective of the state apparatus and the political-historical context of Romani life in the Czech Republic. Emphasis is placed on the 20th century and especially on the first half of the 20th century, when persecution of the Roma peaked during the Nazi occupation.

In the second part of the seminar an expert in Romani issues, a member of the Romani minority, familiarises the seminar participants with the customs of Roma and their specific self-determination in society. At the same time, the expert provides instruction on understanding their behave our with examples of positive and negative resolutions of crisis situations. In this part of the seminar, the participants are also familiarised with the everyday life of the Romani minority in the Czech Republic (e.g. problems with finding work, cohabitation with families, conflicts that ensue from coexistence with the majority community. Examples of conflict resolution in practice are provided.