This counselling service has been an integral part of the Counselling Centre’s activities since its establishment in 2011. At the same time, however, it possesses so many specific characteristics that for the purpose of this Annual Report we will present its results in a separate regime.

The objective of specific counselling is to achieve the positive resolution of legitimate claims to retirement and survivor (inheritance) benefits for work performed in Nazi ghettos, referred to by the German term Ghettorente (pursuant to the Act on Payment of Benefits for Work in Ghettos), and applications for Anerkennungsleistung, i.e. remuneration for work in Nazi ghettos.

The target group comprises persons who during the Second World War era were interned on racial grounds in ghettos set up by the Nazis in the Third Reich, in lands annexed thereto or in German-occupied territories, whereas the people who worked in these ghettos are now senior citizens and are applying for retirement benefits for such work. Applicants also include the survivors (widows and widowers) of the above-mentioned persons.